Israel Trip

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Day 1 & 2

So we landed at Ben Guiron airport on Monday in Tel Aviv. First site was the old port city of Joppa. This is were Jonah boarded a ship in hus attempt to run away from God. It is also the New Testament place where Peter stayed at the house of Simon the tanner. Two extreme pictures are of the old and new cities of Joppa and Tel Aviv. Day 2 we visited the place of Samson's early life, then looking down at the place where he went to get a Philistine wife. We visted the Elah valley where David killed Goliath. We visited the area of Still an where David hid from Saul. Then off to the dead Sea. Stay tuned!

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Day 3

Sunrise at the dead Sea.
Cable car up to Masada and view from the top.
Caves at Quran where the dead sea scrolls (Old Testament) were found.
Where the Israelites crossed the Jordon and then went to Jericho.

Day 4

Sea of Galilee and our boat.
Place where Jesus told disciples to cast net over the other side.
Capernaum where Jesus libed as he began earthly ministry.
Site of beatitudes and preaching from Matthew 5. The mount of the sermon on the mount.
Baptims on the Jordan River.
Texts in English and...take a guess.

Day 5

We began on the mount of Olives looking from East (Bethany) to Jerusalem and below, the valley of judgement. And the garden of Gathsemane.
Gathsemane, an oil press, a powerful reminder of Jesus pressing agony as he would face the cross bearing our sin.
Bethlehem. And there were shepherds in the fields...
Then the church of the nativity, a humbling experience.

Day 6

Site of crucifixion and resurrection.