Children's Ministries

Due to the spread of COVID-19, and from the instruction of the government, we have ceased our regularly scheduled meetings.

Here at FRC, we have a wonderful team of volunteers devoted to help you teach your kids about Jesus and raise them up in the way of the LORD. We are actively taking steps to being able to offer Nursery Care & Children in Worship in a safe and effective way. We have a target to be able to offer these ministries by Thanksgiving 2020. Check back for more details. Until then, we invite you to bring your children into corporate worship with you.

Partnering with Families During COVID-19:

Until we fully reopen, we are transitioning our focus in Children’s Ministry. We want to partner with you as families to be actively engaged in ministering to your whole family. Use these FRC Family Devotionals to practice times of family worship! God will do amazing things in your family when you intentionally take time to seek His face!

Family Worship Instructions Be Still and Know

Children & Worship

For Children ages 3-7 years of age

Children attend worship with their parents until they are dismissed to go downstairs to explore the “Worship Centre”. There, children are met with a friendly greeter and asked to quiet their bodies and remove their shoes to enter this special place. Inside the classroom, their teacher is waiting for them. There are two adults in the worship centre at all times. The teacher then tells many wonderful Bible Stories using wooden figures and hands-on props. The children then get to explore the Worship Centre through play. They are allowed to “work” with any of the Bible Stories or to choose colouring, puzzles, books or the much-loved desert box (a sand box for all of our desert Bible Stories). This play based approach to hearing God’s stories allows kids to really explore and interact with each Bible story to help learn and love the stories of God.

Sunday School

For Children ages 8-12 years of age

Children attend worship with their parents until they are dismissed to go downstairs to their Sunday School Classroom, where their teacher is waiting for them. These children explore Bible Stories through reading, memorizing, games and activities.

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